We are undertaking the Running and Maintenance of the below facilities on behalf of Reddy Welfare Association.

1. Choultry at Srisailam (Main Choultry)

2. Old Age Home at Srisailam (Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy Bhavanam)

3. Choultry at Tirupathi (Reddy Bhavanam)

4. Choultry at Badrachalam (Raghava Nilayam)

5. Establishing of Schools and Student Hostels

6. Scholarships to students

7. Help to the victims of natural calamities

8. Propagation of Vemana Philosophy and Renovation of his temple at Kataripalli, Anantapur Dist, A.P.

9. Formation of a federation of Sister Organizations viz.,“Reddy Sangala Samakhya”.

10. Student hostels at 1) Champapet, Hyderabad 2) Uppal, Hyderabad 3) anantapur.

11. Kalyana mandapam with dining hall, Oldage home at jamalapuram khammam dist.

12. Kondaveedu heritage museum at Kondaveedu, Guntur, A.P.


It is well known that Reddys are closely connected to the sacred centre of Srisailam from time immemorial. In order to fulfill the need for a Choultry in this sacred we acquired two acres of land in 1982 from Srisailam Devasthanam and taken up construction of Choultry. There has been a tremendous response from all over the country. With their help and cooperation, in a record time we have reached a stage to receive complements from one and all for the services rendered to pilgrims.

For comfortable stay of pilgrims, we have the following well-furnished modern facilities in our Choultry complex and Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy Nilayam (Old Age Home Complex)

Room Type Choultry Complex OAH Complex Tirupathi Badrachalam Jamalapuram
Ordinary Single Rooms 10 23 - - -
Ordinary Double Rooms 39 49 - - -
Deluxe 71 - - -
Deluxe Triple Bed Room 14 6 - - 23
AC Rooms 18 49 2 43 -
AC With Triple Bed Room 4 - - - -
Cottage - 45 - - -
Non AC Two Bed - - 30 7 -
Non AC Three Bed - - 2   -
AC Two Bed - - 30 - -
Dormitory No Cots - - 1 - -
Dormitory Cots - - 1 - -
AC 2Bed TV - - 73 8 -
Deluxe AC   - - 10 -
AC 3Bed TV - - 5 - -
Ac Suit - - 6 4 -

Choultry and OAH have Modern Kitchens, Store rooms and other facilities.

With the above full-fledged facilities we are serving several lakhs of pilgrims and visitors to this temple town.


Although there are many choultries in Srisailam, very few were offering daily free boarding until a decade ago. Under such circumferences, with the encouragement of thousands of philanthropic brothers we had daily free boarding program in 1998 to cater to the needs of pilgrims, saints, ascetics, beggars, Sivadeeksha devotees ad social service oriented people. Today, we are able to satisfy the needs of about 5,00,000 pilgrims a year. In the wake of ever growing rush of pilgrims, there is a need to pool up more corpus amount. Hence, we hope to have continued support, cooperation and generous help from all, in future also.


Our association has been extending financial help to the deserving poor students from the very inception.

Scholarships for meritorious and poor students in general and also financial help to the students of the specified educational institutions as chosen by the donors on merit/other grounds are being given to an extent of Rs5 Lakhs a year.

HOME FOR AGED (Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy Nilayam):

In the wake of industrialization, globalization and rapid changes in the life styles of people, there is a large scale migration o\to the cities and foreign nations. Because of this, the joint family system is crumbling and emotional attachments and relationships among family members are declining.

For common man, taking care of parents appears to be a burden. Even among economically well off families, it is common to see the miserable fate and ill treatment meted out to the old people due to the influence of modernization. In order to help such people by extending love and affection in the eve of their lives, on behalf of our association we have been running an “Old Age Home” from 1999 onwards. The present capacity of the home is 150 and now the demand is outwitting.


It is not uncommon to see natural disorders leading to disaster and miserable conditions to many people. In such circumstances, our association is extending help either directly or through the Government.



Location: Kataripalli Village, Anantapur Dist, AP

Yogi Vemana is a great philosopher who tried to establish casteless and egalitarian society through his preaching’s about 400 years ago. In the present society, his preaching’s still relevant and essential.

Yogi Vemana Peetham has been established in our Choultry at Srisailam in order to propagate his philosophy through publication of Vemana’s teachings. The existing temple near the Samadhi of Yogi-Vemana at Kataripalli Village, Anantapur Dist, AP., was in a dilapidated condition. This organization has initiated to renovate the temple and develop a memoriam for this great Yogi. Now A.P Tourism Corporation has taken up in a big way and constructed Vemana memorial complex at at estimated cost of Rs 2.5 Crores and developed into pilgrim / tourist centre.



Location: Chinna Dornala village, Prakasham Dist, A.P.

From time immemorial we have been depending on agriculture for livelihood. Due to increase in population, holdings have been divided and it has become very difficult for small families to survive with these small holdings. In the changed socio-economic scenario, the Government is also not able to provide jobs to educated people as in the past, resulting in unemployment and have become burden upon their families and society at large.

Although there are many vocational institutions in the country, these are confined to financially sound and educated people only. Many others without financial resources and educational qualifications are deprived of the opportunities for such training. It is therefore a vocational training centre is established in Chinna Dornala village, Prakasham Dist to train the poor in the rural sector where from we get necessary support.



The organization is running and maintaining the following student hostels at Hyderabad.

Girls Hostel: Uppal, Hyderabad

Gents Hostel: Champapet, Hyderabad

Gents Hostel: HLC Colony, Anantapur


As numerous Reddy Welfare Organizations are coming up at every place, it was thought necessary to bring them together under a banner of a federation to consolidate and bring together to realize the desired goals.

This organization has taken up the cause of persuasion with various organizations and formed a federation viz., “Reddy Sangala Smakhya” with the head quarters at Hyderabad.

Now, with a generous gift of 1200 Sq Yards of land in Kharmanghat, Hyderabad which may cost around Rs 1 Crore by Jitta Yadava Reddy, a central office building for Reddy Organizations is being built by this organization at an estimate cost of around 1.50 Crores. The building is named after the donor “Jitta Yadava Reddy – Reddy Bhavanam”. Part of the building is nearing completion and the same will be shortly dedicated to the service of the member organizations.


Kondaveedu fort at Guntur dt. A.P was the capital of Reddy kindom in 14th Century. This area is now being developed as a tourism place by the govt.involving all departments of A.P and also Iskon organization.

Our organization being well developed Reddy Organization, desired to take up the work of establishment and running of a Heritage Museum at kondaveedu covering.

Reddy kindoms,samstans of Reddy's of A.P and other states by preserving the reminiscences of the Reddy kingdoms, replicas of stone and copper inscriptions, models of forts, Raja prasadas etc. Apart from these, The centre will have a research centre and publication and sales division.

The construction of the museum building is nearing completion and collection of material and instalation are being planned under the guidence of museum experts and hope to complete with in a year.



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